Cpa Blaster 2.10

Cpa Blaster 2.10

CPA Blaster 2.10

made toolkit for TV Series site owners who practice YouTube marketing CPA Blaster 2.10

CPA Blaster is a ready-made toolkit for TV Series site owners who practice YouTube marketing. CPA Blaster is a unified workspace for two programs that help you post the latest episodes on your blog, effectively manage your youtube videos, and easily grow your business.

Версия: CPA Blaster 2.10

Version :2.10

OS : Windows

Price : $27


  • YouTube Uploader/Re-Uploader - Uploads videos, and if they are removed, theu are auto-uploaded with a different title/description

  • Video Spinner - You can use a single video file to upload as many times as you want

  • Video statistics- Video statistics (total views,total videos, total accounts etc..) are available. Powerful sorting options are also available in the YouTube module

  • Video List/Unlist - We have some strategies that involve List/Unlist. This will boost you up in the search

  • Video Manager - Track your video's position (based on a search term), views and details

  • Multiple YouTbe accounts - Supports an unlimited number of YouTube accounts

  • Autosave system - You won't lose anything, never!

  • Watermark System - Add an image watermark to all your videos

  • Personal Google API - You can use your own Google API Key

  • Search/Post TV Series - Searches for any tv serie you can think of and posts them on your blog

  • Complex Blog Post - A blog post created with CPA Blaster consists of: TV serie image, description, title and video embed code

  • Multiple Video Sources - CPA Blaster gives you Megavideo, Videoweed and Novamov links

  • TV Serie Manager - A complex dashboard will announce you when new episodes appear for all your tracked TV Series.

  • Training Videos - Currently you can watch 2 30 minutes pembinaan videos that explain everything you need to know

  • Custom Widgets - You will also get a custom widget pack that is fully tested and increases your CPA conversion

  • Secret Strategies - We will share with you secret strategies on how to reach top positions and how to create your videos

  • Auto-updating system - You will also have your latest version of CPA Blaster, because it auto-updates.

CPA Blaster 2.10

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